darkstag skægsaks-gm24.3
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Professionel Skægsaks 4,5″ med skægkam – DS11

299,00 DKK

The Dark Stag beard scissor or moustache scissor provides perfect sharp and accurate beard and moustache trimming and shaping.  The beard and moustache scissor is supplied with a storage pouch for protection and pocket storage.  Durable stainless steel construction.  Beard scissors provide more control and ability to shape your beard than clippers.

For full control of facial hair, this comb is created in 100% natural and sublimely aromatic walnut wood to provide static free grooming and de-tangling.  The double ended beard comb features both wide and fine teeth so is suitable for all beard variations.  Our rugged and durable beard comb is hypoallergenic, easy on the scalp, and perfect for pocket storage.  Also ideal for applying beard oil, shampoo and washing or for beard trimming.

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